There could be no doubt that our faithful judges had their work cut out for them because of the very high caliber of singers they heard on Saturday, June 4th!  However, after many hours of discussion they presented their list of finalists.  The following day they were heard by our judges and audience in the following order:

Our 2016 Finalists

Heewoo Kim,  Soprano
Michael Hewitt,   Baritone
Kisma Jordan,   Soprano
Claudia Chapa,  Mezzo
Daewon Seo,  Baritone
Jon Janacek,  Tenor
Nereida García,  Soprano
Raehann Bryce-Davis,   Mezzo
Blas Canedo, Baritone
Robyn Marie Lamp,  Soprano

Photos By Gwen Juarez

Meet our 2016 Winners!