Our 10 Finalists were selected by our esteemed Judges Saturday evening, May 18, 2013

Dear Contestants of the Eighth Lois Alba Aria Competition,

Ms. Alba, our Judges and the Soma International Foundation board members and staff have been truly pleased and impressed to hear such a large volume of talented artists today and you are all to be commended and congratulated for your hard work and studies that have brought you to our favorite annual event.

Please know that if it were within our means, we would award each and every one of you for your dedication to what we believe is a lifetime of study and closer to your dreams of fulfilling operatic careers. Those of you who were not selected to participate in the Finals and Award Program tomorrow are all cordially invited to attend our program at no charge. Your participation is not yet done and your colleagues will appreciate your support towards earning one of the three Audience Choice Awards!

Congratulations to our ten finalists!

Robert Cardwell, baritone

Alisa White, soprano

Sergio Cepeda, tenor

Kaitlyn Stobbe, soprano

Jennifer Juilfs, soprano

Alejandro Magallón, tenor

Natalie Cummings, soprano

Ashly Evans, soprano

Agostina Migoni, soprano

Stephen Carroll, tenor


All finalists and semi-finalists please note:

The judges are available to give feedback on your performance. Here are their e-mail addresses:

Layna Chianakas Laynasings@yahoo.com

Debra Dickinson dickins@rice.edu

Stephen Dubberly Stephen.Dubberly@unt.edu 

And now…

the Winners of the Eighth Lois Alba Aria Competition