Our 2012 Finalists


Our 10 Finalists   •      Currently Residing

Dana Pundt, Soprano   •      Tyler, TX              

 Sergio Cepeda, Tenor   •      Ft. Worth, TX

   Abigail Coy, Mezzo soprano   •      Spring, TX

 Aundi Moore, Soprano   •      Bowie, MD

    Rachel Arky, Mezzo soprano   •      Brooklyn, NY

   Brad Gilmore, Tenor    •        Hattiesburg, MS

    Chelsea Coyne, Mezzo soprano   •      Ft. Worth, TX

   Shea Owens, Baritone   •      Houston, TX

  Seong Ae Park, Soprano   •      Allen, TX

    Heather Engebretson, Soprano   •      NYC, NY

In the order of appearance:

Photography by Gwen Juarez

Soprano, Dana Pundt









Tenor, Sergio Cepeda








Mezzo-soprano, Abigail Coy







Aundi Marie Moore, Soprano










Mezzo-Soprano, Rachel Arky

Brad Gilmore, Tenor








Chelsea Coyne, Mezzo-Soprano

Baritone, Shea Owens







Soprano, Heather Engebretsen



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