On Sunday, March 9th, 2014, guests came from all over the Houston area to enjoy some of Puccini’s wonderful music performed by singers of the Lois Alba Studio.  The event took place at Arturo’s Uptown Italiano who prepared a wonderful dinner and  it was a delightful affair!

Alison Greene, Michelle Bradley, Stephonne Smith, Alejandro Magallon, Alisa White, Robin Angly and Maestro Stephen Dubberly

Maestro Stephen Dubberly spoke about Puccini

Mezzo-soprano, Robin Angly

Alejandro Magallon, Tenor

Soprano, Alison Greene

Soprano, Laura Aguero

Stephonne Smith, Baritone

Soprano, Alisa White

Michelle Bradley, Soprano

Alisa White with husband, Alejandro Magallon

Anson North, Michelle Bradley & Lois Alba

Birgitt van Wijk with good friend Allen

Lois Alba & Miles Smith

Richard Kummins & Kelli Estes

Emilee Peters, Geraldine Gill, Mary Dowe & Lois Alba

Dr. Sumant Patel, Ranjan Sitaram with Monica & Dr. Roger McNeill

Dr. Randy Wright, Shelley Townsend & Dr. Crystal Wright

Lois Alba and Midori Mochizuki (back) & Friends

Dan Lasell, Gracie Givens & Jean Phillips

Dr.s Sumant & Shaila Patel

Lois Alba with husband, Art Wachter and good friend, Marie Milner

Mr. Soler, Dr. Cheri Post & Ms. Jacqueline Grogan

Ms. Houston, Craig Koopersmith & Lois Alba

Alejandro Magallon with his wife Alisa White