And this years twelve finalists thrilled our audience, once again! 



Appeared in the following order       &        Currently residing


Heikyung Yu  –  Soprano  ~  New York City, NY (Daegu, S. Korea)

Stacey Mastrian  –  Soprano  ~  College Park, Maryland

Nathaniel Peake  –  Tenor  ~  East Lansing, Michigan

Blair Kathryn Doerge  –  Soprano  ~  Huntsville, Texas

Sarah Tucker  –  Soprano  ~  Houston, Texas

Abby Powell  –  Mezzo-soprano  ~  New York City, NY

Nereida García  –  Soprano  ~  Keller, Texas

Kevin Park  –  Tenor  ~  Denton, Texas

Laura Aguero  –  Soprano  ~  Katy, Texas

Jacqueline Noparstak  –  Soprano  ~  New York City, NY (Eugene, Oregon)

Brian B. Carter  –  Baritone  ~  Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Amy Louise Yekel  –  Soprano  ~  Tempe, Arizona

Meet Our Winners 

 Jacqueline Noparstak
 Nathaniel Peake
 Brian B. Carter